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Australian football at UNSW

Today I have been to a class in international trade, done some reading and, more interesting, been to my first training session of Australian football (Footie, Aussie rules, AFL, you name it). It was extremely fun for many reasons. One is that I really enjoyed the feeling of being back in a team sport. The lads where very nice. I also think I am pretty good at the sport for being my first time. I can kick and I can run, which is probably nice characteristics to have in this sport. I also think that I am average in muscle mass so I will probably also manage tackling after a bit training.

Australian football - uni games

Australian football - uni games

The first session we practised passing, kicking and running with bouncing. Kicking is hard because the ball is oval. Passing is hard because you must hit the ball, not throw it. Bouncing is necessary every 15 meters unless you want to get a fault. We also had some one against one exercises where we got to tackle! Hopefully I will be picked for the team that is elected for the UNI games. This year they are held at the gold coast and it will probably be the perfect start on summer and a convenient break in this semester (study period 1).

After the training I have been talking to Sofia. I am so exited! I have to get shoes, a ball and mouth protection. I have also had a typical Australian/American/I don’t know where it come from – fast food that is called macaroni and cheese. It also goes under the synonym Mac n’ Cheese!

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