© 2009 David Gustafsson A nice day at Coogee beach

Coogee beach

Today I and Sofia has been to the sports club barbecue at school. It was not very well arranged I must say since only the diving club turned up. I had expected to meet the Australian Football club and a few others. Anyway, the diving club isĀ  interesting! To take diving license cost about AU$290. I am not sure how it stands in the world competition, but it should be a good offer in Australia.

A nice day at Coogee beach

A nice day at Coogee beach

After the meeting we went to the beach. As so many times before we walked. On the way back we took the bus and found out that is was only 90 cents! A bargain and definitely worthwhile :)

So who do you think went for a swim? Me, Sofia, both or none of us?? Give me your vote!!

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