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Reporting from the first week’s courses

So week 1 has passed and all courses have finally started. Of course I have a few impressions to share with you from all the courses.

Web applications engineering

This course was in my opinion structured and useful. I think I will learn a lot that is not yet present in my skill base. The course will contain a big group project and 7 labs. The project includes building a web application. I got into a group with one student from Denmark and another from France, who both seemed very normal.

Applied marketing research

This course was also a great choice or at least from my first impressions. The course will run as a marketing research project that will be conducted for a real client, a nonprofit organization in the theatre business. Research will be conducted on their donators and both surveys and focus groups will be held.

Again I formed a group together with a few students, this time from Taiwan and Indonesia. I hope to learn a lot from our cooperation as well as from the course.

Business process improvement an quality management

This course will substitute one of the mandatory courses I take on Chalmers. The first lesson brought up different terms and expressions I have already met. These includes the input output model, order winners, process attributes and their relation to product/service attributes as well as the strategic fit between business strategy and operations structure. When all these terms are covered I think that the course will go deeper and apply some of the theories to real problems (at least the book does). Therefore I hope that the course will be great in the end!

International project management

This course was not what I had expected. I thought from the outline that the focus would be on managing projects, but it was more to describe different cultures. For example in terms of context, individualism or collectivism, power structure, gender questions etc. I did not agree with the lecturer on many of his views and perspectives and I do not really see the point of learning his or the Australian view of other nations. Hopefully the course will be more directed to actual management issues in the future else I plan to trade it for a course in International trade instead.

General thoughts of studying at UNSW so far

The environment at UNSW is top class and the campus is magnificent. There are all tough some differences to Chalmers in the way of studying and teaching. The grades are not based on the exam in the same extension as on Chalmers. About 50 % of the grade generally is dedicated to a course project or assignment. Another difference is that some courses have participation as one part of the grade and that you have to attend at least 80 % of the classes.

Some students has expressed that it is generally easier to receive a high grade in Australia than Sweden. I am not so sure about that. Anyway it will be a serious challenge!

Lawn reading

Up next

Today it is saturday and I and Sofia are finally planning to go to Newtown for some nice cafes and shopping. Yesterday we went to the cinema and saw Harry Potter. Of course it was not my idea, but I actually enjoyed it!