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This week a total of three assignments are due. One in each course accept for the Web Applications course. I did not count the lab we have each week then of course. Due to the situation it has been a bit stressful during the last few days. To handle the situation I felt it was best to drop out of the Uni games. I don’t have time to be off one week. Or maybe I have but it is stressing me to think about it!

Yesterday I wrote a small jsp/xml application and today I started on a database web application. It is convenient to use eclipse and Web Tools Platform to work with java web projects. A useful article to get it set up is from here. Unfortunately my database provider, binero.se, does not support jsp or java server pages. This is a shame since I would like to develop an application I can put up for use! Since I am taking applied marketing one thought has been to compete with SurveyMonkey and create a web survey application. But, as you discover when you are a full time student in Australia:

Time is the constraint!

Sofia has managed to get over some brochures that cover Cairns. We (she) are planning everything in detail. I want her (Sofia) to do a bungy jump, but she does not really agree that it is a good idea. How come?



When I heve quit with Australian football I think it is time to start looking for a surf board. All Swededish guys on exchange down under has besically started allready so I am a little bit behind.