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Planning the spring break

The spring break is getting closer and I and Sofia has started to plan. Cairns, Brisbane or Darwin are a few of the options. Darwin sounds cool since it remind me of Charles Darwin:

Survival of the fittest

I am not sure whether Darwin Australia has anything to do with Charles Darwin. Darwin is neither famous for beaches. Cairns, on the other hand, should be the paradise on earth. It is located between Darwin and Gold Cost and has an average tamperature of 28 degrees in the water as well as the air.

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We will probably book the flights tomorrow somewhere. Sofia and I has had a discussion whether it is necessary to pay extra for a 20 kilo bag. A 10 kilo bag is included in the price and I think that will be more than enough. Basically all I will need is a pair of speedos and sun lotion (which you by the way can buy when getting there!).

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