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Rainforest and snorkeling from Port Douglas

After more than a week of holiday I am back “home” in Sydney. It has been a fantastic journey. I think I have been able to not think about school and had a great time. The last days in Cairns we spent on the beautiful beach. We also went on another trip to the reef and one to the rainforest. Both these trips were nice! The rainforest trip we did together with our friends from Denmark. They stayed at a calm place that a couple operated. The man in the household arranged rainforest trips in his four-wheel-drive. We joined one of those trips. The guide took us on a journey through the forest with a lot of driving. We got to see a lot of nice places and of course kangaroos. We had lunch on an empty beach next to the ocean.

Big tree

The second reef trip we had an underwater camera with us. The pictures from the camera are coming soon. To protect from the sun we used a “wetsuit” which is very convenient since I got extremely sunburned on my first journey to the reef!


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