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Ford Falcon station wagon

I have almost bought my first car (together with Sofia). The hand shake is made on a Green Ford Falcon 98 Station Wagon with the following set of features:

  • Tow bar
  • Tape player (not working at the moment)
  • Radio
  • Air con.
  • Power steering

The car has some minor flaws:

  • Smashed left back door
  • Not working stereo
  • Some missing lists

However, she has recently been serviced and has new tyres. We will pay for everything tomorrow, register and fix insurance. By the way, the car has gone 222 000 km. The agreed on price has been set to $2050 dollars. Is this a bargain? Bargain or not, I think we made an good deal. We can’t do anything about the Australian currency that is very strong at the moment though…

Ford Falcon 98

Ford Falcon 98

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