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Always look forward

Today I and Sofia made 17 rows each. One row is roughly 100-300 wine ranks which mean that we have made something like 3000 wine ranks today. That many wine ranks I can tell you. To withstand and move forward it is very important to think positively and always look forward. Our boss put it like this:

“A vineyard worker should have a strong back and small brain.”

I would say it is more about controlling your mind to think and look forward. Today was a tough and hot day and both I and Sofia spent the time thinking about exit strategies. Our bodies and brains are not made for this and I feel bad when Sofia has to do this… However I do my best to help her. Seven people got fired today including one of our housemates. A very good working and nice British guy that in my eyes works just as good as me and Sofia. Our boss really works according to management by fear, employing more people than he needs and laying of the ones that work the least. Since we get paid per piece and can take brakes to eat and drink I think this is a bad strategy. The English guy did nothing wrong, he just had a break, and got fired due to this…

Our exit strategy that has been discussed includes:

  • Try to find another employment. Picking fruit should be even harder than this according to our housemates so this option is not really good. To get employment at an office also does not seem very promising since the period is only 20 days, which was the problem before when we looked at that option as well. One option that might be feasible is to work at the office for our current employers. They are way after with the time-sheets paying the wages, which is due to lack of resources. Also I think they can need some engineers to look at their processes and maybe redesign their webpage (if they have any?). To put forward this question is however not a good idea at the moment; we will probably get laid off!
  • Go to Thailand, Burma or some other cheap country. Staying on Australia is not an option. It is too expensive to live and not work. A ticket to Thailand is $699 which might be a bit too much.

It is clear that the exit strategy is not a simple decision. There are pros and cons with all options and monetarily we are worse off with going for the exit strategy before we get laid off. This makes me conclude that we need to look forward and continue until we absolutely can’t stand anymore.

Today I got my grade in the Web Applications Engineering course at UNSW. I am very proud for it!!! I ended up with a 7, which is high distinction and the best you can get. I am not an IT-person and the course was on advanced postgraduate level which is far above the courses I have taken on undergraduate level at Chalmers University of Technology.

Sofia presented a picture of her at work on her last blog post. I will not be worse, here is me at work:

@ work

@ work

Here is how it looks behind me at the moment. The way it works around here is that everyone ends up in the sofa watching a movie after work. Then it is food time and finally everyone sleeps in front of the TV during the second movie. 5.30 am the wakeup clock rings for a new day of work. Soon it is weekend and our first payday!

Movie time

Movie time