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Exam at UNSW

Today I had my first UNSW exam in Applied Marketing Research. How was it? Well it went all right. It was a exam mostly consisting of open ended questions (except for 50 multiple choice in the beginning) and open ended questions are always subjective. I finished a little earlier than deadline, all though it was a bit more stressful than I am use to. 3 hours instead of Chalmers standard of 4 hours.

There was a lot of other aspects that are different from Chalmers exams as well. One can summarise it with exams at UNSW seams to be a bit more conservative.

  • You are not allowed to bring any food or candy
  • You may bring water but only under the following conditions: 1) The bottle is transparent. 2) The volume is less than 500 ml. 3) There are no labels on the bottle or logos.
  • When you leave you are done; no toilet.
  • All exams have a 10 minute reading slot before starting.

However the only option is to adapt! Short exams are good to keep focus.