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Bool Lagoon: the lake without water

Bool Lagoon is located between Penola and Naracoorte. The surface area on the map is estimated to about 100-1000 Ha. I and Sofia decided to drive there today. A project that was not successful at all. First of all we got lost on the graveling roads which made me crazy. Thereafter Sofia took the steering wheel and navigated drove us to Bool Lagoon, a lake without water! After a few photos Sofia made the decision to clear out of the area. The flies together with a sign saying that we had to pay for looking at the lake without water were the reasons for the decision.

Larger map!

The rest of the day we have spent in good old Penola. I have played pig (Swe: “gris”), with three German work colleagues.

Please note that I have changed my header. Now with photos from different locations in the world that we have came across during the journey.

Sofia has an excellent summary of the weekend as well. Please see her post “yet another weekend in Penola”:

The most beautiful picture of the weekend: Limestone coast

The most beautiful picture of the weekend: Limestone coast