© 2009 David Gustafsson

Photos from Southend, South Australia

Today we have been fishing. And yes, we did catch something. And yes, it was small… We also made a walk around Curanda national park which is full of scenery and nice formations. So beautiful!
At our new accommodation we managed to fire up the oven and baked scones yesterday and cake today. Everyday I also face Sofia in a table tennis tournament. So far I haven’t lost a set, although she almost gets me all the time ;)

We are again at the library in Millicent. We got here to see if we have been paid from work.

Please see todays photos on flickr in the updated album Limestone coast!

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Any tips to not get the fish only take the bait and not the hook is appreciated! A little incident of today was also that a fishing boat ran over our line which made me forced to cut the line. We lost float, hook and probably a giant fish that was on the hook!!