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Sothend and Beachport, one good reason for exchange studies in Australia

I have spent 6 months in Australia and yes I have experienced a lot of stuff and learned for life. Sure Sydney and Bondi beach is great but I admit that I have been homesick. Not any more… After leaving Penola, the most boring place on earth, we have stayed one day in Southend which is located between Beachport and Robe. We stay at a small Caravan park called “Lynnies”. We sleep in the car but have access to a big common room and kitchen. The fee is $8,50 per day which is fantastic when we are alone at the premises. First next week she expects other visitors!

Larger map?

If you study the map below you notice the beach that reaches from Southend to Beachport. It is >10 km and absoulutely empty of people! 20 meter from the Campervan Park is our entrance to this paradise! Yesterday it was 38 degrees hot and it was just so great! This is certainly a reason for living one year in Australia! Check out the new photos on flickr!

We have visited a lake that is 6 times saltier than the ocean. We have also some shots from the wine tasting and Christmas carols in Penola.
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