© 2009 David Gustafsson

Swindled out of payment on vineyard in Penola

I just received the payment for last week’s work, which was truly a disappointment. The pay slip showed almost $100 less than the first week, which is a decrease with about 20%. Bad and strange since I do believe that we have improved since the first week, although team Karlsson/Gustafsson has suffered from drawbacks due to back pain.

One reason for the bad pay was that we got paid hourly one day. This was our best day when we got very good rows. In our contract it is stated that the employer has the right to pay hourly if it so wishes. Suddenly when we managed to have a good day and putted a lot of effort in it turned out to not matter at all! Worse than that is that we have got paid hourly for 6.5 hours, which is less than the actual time we were working. L

Think about this when you do agriculture work in Australia!

Today was a good day as well. We made 22 rows each and finished earlier. The average is about 10-12 rows a day. Hopefully we will not get robbed on last week’s pay slip. The problem is that you never know and must always assume that the payment is per piece/row.