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Assessment of Semester 2 at UNSW after midterm

The first semester at UNSW went over my wildest expectations. I got 7/7 in all four courses and a best project award. This semester my expectations have therefore been higher. So far I am a bit disappointed with my results in some topics (Negotiation Skills); in others I think I have exceeded expectations (Computer Networks and Management of Risk). I believe that a subjective course where the outcome is judged on reports/written assignments are harder to control (someone might not like the conclusions) than courses that involve more calculations and measurable outcome. Negotiation Skills might be the course where I put down most effort and enjoy the most, however my performance is worst.

Item My score Average
Midterm Computer networking 100% 56%
Midterm Negotiation skills 76% 75%
Management of Risk assignments (14+14+20)/(20+14+20) = 89% ?
Strategy and Entrepreneurship 87,5% ?

Why do an assessment? I can, without being wrong, say that almost all students don’t assess their results. Studying is my profession. I am a student. With this in mind a rational student should have to take studies seriously and look for options to continuously improve.