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Backup and update your web page

Have you ever backed up your web page or blog? To be honest I am not the best at doing it myself. Before upgrading your Wordpress installation it is however smart to take a backup. Something might go wrong with the installation and you might end up loosing the entire content at your domain!

Why update to Wordpress 2.9?

I just installed another Wordress site for Brisk and noticed how much faster the 2.9 version is compared to mine. Speed is productivity so upgrading is definitely worthwhile.

How do I backup my database?

One good way to do it is to follow the steps in WordPress Backups. This only instructs you how to update your database. It might also be smart to take a copy of your Wordpress installation. Ftp into your server and copy the content of your domain before you install the new version. One reason for this is that all your themes and pictures are located on the web server and can be lost when updating.