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Today I had two lectures; Negotiation Skills and Management of Risk. I presented the last weeks negotiations outcome and we got a final take home exam. The last negotiation was very hard. We negotiated a union contract between an American school and its teachers. It is amazing how different values we have in Sweden compared to America. Americans prefer lay-offs the bottom percent to get salary increases. One semester week per year is perfectly normal. To negotiate as an American is, for natural reasons, therefore not very easy.

Tomorrow will be my last lecture of Strategy and Entrepreneurship. We will be presenting our business idea (briskis.se) in front of a jury. Time goes by fast… It is going to be good to get back home, but when I think about it, I have really had a great year down under. Going to study in Australia is one of the decisions I won’t regret when I review my life in the end.

Snapped this photo on my way back from school:

UNSW logo on upper campus

UNSW logo on upper campus

A thought I got on my 30 minute walk back home: Why don’t more stores use time based prising? Today’s technology creates the possibility for supply to exactly match demand. Shouldn’t it be more rational if 7eleven charged 2 dollar 100 gram chocolate 12.00 and 4 dollar at 24.00?