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Groovy Grails SpringSource – I loove it!

Last semester I took the course in web applications engineering and learned a lot about Servlets, J2EE, Tomcat and JSP. I also got into two more advanced frameworks. For object relational mapping I found Hibernate and for flow control, authentication and security I used the Spring Framework. Today I did some research on what to employ for Brisk. Hibernate and Spring are two great technologies. One reason for this is that it takes years to make a web application secure on its own, time you save by using the framework. However Hibernate and Spring can on their own also be complex and hard to configure. Once you get a problem it is also amazingly hard to find where the problem is. Some errors, such as ContextListener errors are impossible to debug!

I spent 4 hours this morning trying to solve a listener problem on the old web project I made last semester. I grew angrier and angrier; I could not find the problem. So, is this really the mess I would like to get into again and start to build Brisk on? I would prefer not. So what alternatives are there?

Well I have looked at google app-engine and google web toolkit. This “system” seams to be rather easy to program to. But, there is a problem. What company want to build their value in the hands of google? The service is free today for developers and costs $8 per user and app for businesses, but not even google knows the full price they are going to charge tomorrow! See for example:

You will also use App Engine for Business to run publicly accessible apps, such as your company’s website or service. We’re still working out the details on pricing for that, so stay tuned. (source google).

So what is the solution?! I think I have found the holy grail! The solution is Groovy Grails from SpringSource. A framework/software/program that does all I want automatically! How about building a secure authenticated web application with object relational hibernate mapping in less than 5 minutes! Try this tutorial on How to create a secured web app with Grails.

Other Resources

  • http://www.grails.org/Installation
  • Netbeans plugin for Grails: http://netbeans.org/kb/docs/web/grails-quickstart.html (install the plugin from tools->plugins in Netbeans. You will also need to install Tomcat, or another web server, and WebApps).