My Garmin App – Meter per Beat

I have got a Garmin 920XT for triathlon training. Garmin has just released a beta version of their Garmin Connect Store and an SDK for developing apps. I have made an app called Meter per Beat.

What is Meter per Beat?

A way to measure efficiency in a car is miles per gallon or kilometer per liter. A corresponding measure for measuring efficiency of the body’s engine is Meter per pulse Beat.

Running 15km/hour at a pulse of 150 beats per minute gives a Meter per Beat of 1,56. Biking at 30km/hour at 150 beats per minute gives 3,12 Meter per Beat. An athlete trains to get better. That means, at the same pulse racing at a higher speed! The key is to improve the Meter per Beat measure. This datafield will allow you to view Meter per Beat information for your current activity. Either in graph format (building a distribution over the activities time) or by viewing the actual and average value as the workout progresses.

Benefits with Meter per Beat:

  • Allows to see improvement in one activity over time (increase in Meter per Beat – your fitness curve!).
  • Allows to compare your engine in various type of activities (how much more efficient are you on a bike compared to walking or running?)
  • Cheaper than measures requiring power meters. Power is harder to measure in different activities (most easy on a bike or machine).


  • Noice from different temperature, weather, routes will affect the meter per beat. Even the length of the workout. However, doing a measurement trail for your activity once per month will allow you to track the improvement of your fitness!

Give it a try and tell me what you think in the comment field below.



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