The business engineer – Industrial Engineering and Management

A Master of Industrial Engineering and Management contains five years of studies in engineering and business topics. The Industrial Engineer has the same mathematical background as a physical or mechanical engineer, but has replaced the main subjects from these directions with business studies.

The business studies are focused on designing existing operations. A distinction usually is made between innovation, operations management and supply chain management where the Industrial Engineer mainly addresses one of these topics.

I have focused on the operations management category which I find most interesting. Lean operations, design of production, managing of people and projects and strategies for this is very interesting. I do believe that the mathematical and statistical background is very powerful in this environment focusing on management by facts rather than feeling.

My technical background consists of fundamental courses in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and physics. My deepest knowledge is in the IT area with hands on experience in object oriented software development using java, MatLab and J2EE as well as PHP web application development.

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

I enrolled in an exchange program with University of New South Wales during 2009-2010. I took the following courses:

  • Applied marketing research
  • Business Process Improvement & Quality Management
  • Web Applications Engineering
  • International Project Management
  • Computer Networks
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Management of Risk

Work sample

My applied marketing research report was awarded as the best report in the course and the client were very grateful for our conclusions and recommendations. The report got 99 of 100 marks and can be read below.

On I have written about the courses for the first semester at UNSW. The Web Applications Engineering project report can be downloaded in the article.